Novacyt is a diagnostics group, manufacturing diagnostic and pathogen testing kits based on molecular and protein testing technologies sold into human clinical, life science, food and industrial markets.

Financial highlights

Operational highlights

Acquisition of IT-IS

Providing a profitable diagnostic instrument development and manufacturing company with a solid reputation in development of mobile and rapid PCR instruments with proven high-quality, performance and reliability.

COVID-19 response

The Company experienced unprecedented sales demand for its COVID-19 products during 2020, which transformed our financial position, resulting in us significantly exceeding our full year 2020 budget and surpassing any previous performance.

The year that was 2020

Our Strategy

Build on its success in COVID-19 testing to expand test menus in areas adjacent to COVID-19, and then into other prioritised market segments, delivery systems and geographies.

group of scientists  group of scientists

Test Menu Expansion

scientst lokking at liquid  scientst looking at liquid

Instrument Expansion

close up of a cell close up of a cell

Geographic Expansion

…underpinned by compelling IVD market dynamics

scienitst at work
  • Estimated global market size of $69.5 billion in 2020(1) with the IVD industry set to experience steady growth and continued consolidation

  • Growing at a 5-year CAGR of 5%, with some analysts expecting IVD market to top $114 billion by 2030

  • Aging world population

  • Increased technological innovation

  • Rising living standards in developing countries

  • Industry consolidation

  • An increase in incidence of chronic and infectious diseases